The IGUA-SA is governed by a formal constitution as adopted by its founding members and provides for a formal platform or association that provides the required focus and leverage to constructively engage gas industry stakeholders such as National Government, Department of Energy, Department of Trade & Industry, NERSA, current and new entrant gas suppliers etc.

The membership fees are reviewed on a regular basis by the IGUA-SA Exco and may be amended based on membership numbers and specific output requirements from time to time. Fees are levied on a six-month basis from April to September; and October to March. If an organisation becomes a member within a particular six-month period, fees will be calculated pro rata for the remaining months of the six-month period.


Participation and contribution in respect of IGUA-SA is based on typical meeting schedule and attendance as follows:

  1. Executive committee (Exco) meetings: held monthly, or as determined by the Exco from time to time; approval and implementation of strategy & initiatives; management decisions in terms of IGUA-SA Constitution.
  2. Strategy & information meetings: held monthly, or as determined by the Exco from time to time; general feedback on workstreams, status updates, proposals on new initiatives, information sharing and industry updates.
  3. Industry meetings: held as determined by Exco from time to time; general forums and information sharing sessions with external participation on invitation, broad non-member participation.
  4. AGM: held bi-annually in terms of the IGUA-SA Constitution.
  5. Events: industry events and conferences as arranged by IGUA-SA from time to time.

Membership categories and fees (2019):

Membership to IGUA-SA is at the discretion of the Exco and consists of four categories of membership:


Gas end users (current & future), voting rights, reserve right of admissions, Exco seats, not vertically integrated

R150 000
(per six month cycle)


New gas suppliers, gas traders, new gas transmission/distribution organisations

R75 000
(per six month cycle)


Consultants, professionals in the operating, financial, marketing and legal communities; and others who provide services to the natural gas industry.

R25 000
(per six month cycle)


International organisations that are interested in natural gas activities in Southern Africa

R50 000
(per six month cycle)

Participation and contribution in respect of IGUA-SA

Please email the completed application form (Annexure A) to info@igua-sa.org

For further enquires, contact Jaco Human on jaco.human@igua-sa.org or phone +27 83 443 9275